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Electronics Hobby Projects

Circuit Diagram provided on this page is for personal & Amateur purpose only, the writer is not responsible for any kind of electronic component & Device damages that may occurred during making or Testing   period, great care must always be taken when assembling electronic circuits that carry mains voltages, at the beginning, do not choose a mains powered project, only build a project connected to the mains when you are more experienced and are sure you can construct it safely.
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1. Power Supply  HTML Bangla
2. Battery Charger   HTML Bangla
3. Fire Brigade   HTML Bangla
4. Counter from Calculator  HTML Bangla
5. Automatic night Lamp  HTML Bangla
6. Mini FM Transmitter HTML Bangla
7. Watt Meter  HTML Bangla
8. Timer IC Tester  HTML Bangla
9. Light Dependent Alarm HTML Bangla
10. CD Player Power Supply HTML Bangla
11. Audio Pre Amp HTML Bangla
12. Sound Operated Switch HTML Bangla
13. Auto Off For Ni-Cad Battery Charger  HTML Bangla
14. Light Switch HTML Bangla
15. Small Audio Amp  PDF English
16. Battery Monitor  PDF English
17. Dimmer PDF English
18. FM Wireless   PDF English
19. Rain Alarm   PDF English
20. High Voltage Generator   PDF English
21. AC/DC Monitor HTML Bangla
22. Transistor/Diode Tester HTML Bangla
23. Electronic Fan/Light Dimmer HTML Bangla
24. Phone Indicator HTML Bangla
25. Inter-Com HTML Bangla
26. Voltage Doublers Circuit HTML Bangla
27. Voltage Tripler Circuit HTML Bangla
28. Voltage Quadrupler Circuit HTML Bangla
29. Negative Voltage Doublers Circuit HTML Bangla
30. Polarity Protection Circuit HTML Bangla
31. Auto Polarity Protection Circuit HTML Bangla
32. High Value Non Polar Capacitor HTML Bangla
33. AC Power Line Indicator    HTML Bangla
34. Line Mixer HTML Bangla
35. 9 Volt Power Supply HTML Bangla
36. Door Bell HTML Bangla
37. Melody HTML Bangla
38. Organ HTML Bangla
39. LED Counter PDF Bangla
40. Register Calculator
41. Digital Clock Kit
42. Water Sensor Experiment PDF New
43. Register Color Code Chart PDF New
44. FM Wireless Microphone PDF New
45. Stereo Pre Amp (Tone Control Unit) PDF New
46. HT8950 Voice Modulator PDF New
47. Wireless Speaker Reciver PDF New
48. Video Switcher PDF New
49. Videowire PDF New
50. Science Converters and Calculators HTML New
51. Everyday Use Converters and Calculators HTML New
52. Moving Flashing LEDs Project HTML New
53. 500W low cost 12V to 220V inverter HTML New
54 10 Watt Sterio Amp PDF New
55 Miniature FM Transmiter PDF New
56 Transistor Data BC556/557/558/559/560 PDF New
57 9 Volt FM Transmitter PDF New
58 10+10 Watt Stereo Amp PDF New
59 3 Digit Counter PDF New
60 3V FM Transmitter PDF New